Food-related thoughts

Watching Julie and Julie has inspired me to share some food-related thoughts.

The first: The other day, Biffle, Maybelle, and I were walking home from the pediatrician's office. Biffle decided to take a small detour to a restaurant on Spring Street with a sign out front that says "Wali's Fish Supreme, World Famous Bean Pie." We've seen this restaurant hundreds of times. I've always found the sign intriguing, but I don't know that I would have ever made it a priority to go there, because it's in kind of a weird set of buildings that didn't look particularly inviting to me. But Biffle is really good at exploring his surroundings and taking risks. It was because of Biffle that we got to know Bob's Walk the Plank in our old neighborhood in Nashville--a topic that will have to be the subject of its own blog post someday.

So we walked into this incredibly clean and fresh smelling little dining room, completely empty, with some pies in a display case. Let me tell you, this place is a find! Biffle had the fish supreme--a fried fish sandwich he seemed to enjoy, but he'll have to comment on that. I, of course, had to try the world famous bean pie. It turns out it's a sweet pie, not a savory one, and it's the kind of thing that, had I not known it was a bean pie, I would have eaten thinking, "Something about this tastes a little familiar. What is that flavor?" The flavor is bean, but it comes across in the pie in a sort of caramelly-sweet potato-y way. It's rich but not overly sweet, with a texture that's not unlike a bean-infused custard. I loved it. It's a really delicious pie, and I imagine that, like pumpkin pie, I can count a slice or two of it as an actual meal, since it's made of nutritious ingredients. Charlestonians, you have to go check out Wali's.

And my second food-related thought: This will perhaps not be surprising news, but Rice Dream non-dairy frozen dessert is not nearly as good as Ben and Jerry's. If, like Biffle and I, you eat a lot of Ben and Jerry's and have started taking its creamy deliciousness for granted, just go buy some Rice Dream and give it a try. It's remarkable, the difference. We have Rice Dream at our house now because Maybelle is afflicted with the dreaded GERD (gastro-esophageal reflux disease), which is, it turns out, the reason that she throws up constantly. We were, in fact, coming back from having learned this news when we stopped at Wali's Fish Supreme.

The treatment for GERD is a baby version of Zantac--foul, foul tasting metallic stuff. There was no way that we could get her to swallow it unmediated, so the nurse at our pediatrician's office suggested we try it mixed in ice cream. Because we're a little concerned that dairy may be exacerbating the vomit situation, we got some Rice Dream to mix with Maybelle's meds. Fortunately for us, Maybelle hadn't eaten ice cream before, so she's unoffended by eating two bowls of metallic tasting, fruity, weird Zantac-infused Rice Dream every day. We'll just have to keep her away from the good stuff until she outgrows her GERD.


mary said...

oh MAN! i would love to go to wali's when we come to visit. that sounds super tasty.

Jims said...

Even though Maybelle doesn't care, Tofutti products are usually pretty good. She could try those, and when she's able to eat ice-cream sandwiches you could even put her medicine in Tofutti cuties. And if she's up to it by NWSA, I could take her out for a real ice cream!

Anonymous said...

If Maybelle can eat soy, and if you're ever near a Trader Joe's, their soy ice cream is surprisingly good. It's no Ben & Jerry's but it's way better than Rice Dream.

Haagen Daaz sorbet is really really good, too.

Also, Nasoya makes this Silken Creations product that is pudding-like and really tasty. I steal bites when I'm dishing it up for my kids (who can't eat dairy).

Unknown said...

Hi Alison, I guess the last time I talked with you was 19 years ago. Somehow, I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago and I read it from time to time. Maybelle is a precious gift ( I know you know that). Anyway, I have a 7 year old boy and twin girls that will be 4 in September. They all had stomach issues as babies. I remember packing every bib in the house before a vacation with Luke and thinking this will never be enough. He soaked them all! My girls couldn't tolerate any food besides breast milk until they were 9 months old. They even vomited rice cereal. So we just waited until their digestive system matured. All are fine now!!! I've done alot of research on food and I am a firm believer that food can be either healing or harmful to the body. Goat's milk is most similar in composition to human milk. Goat or sheep milk is easier to digest than cows milk. I don't know what's available to you, but if you knew someone you could trust, raw goat's milk might be good for Maybelle. I don't know if she eats much meat, but meat is very acidic. I'd love to talk. If you want to email me and I'll give you my number.

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