More on my biking life

This morning, I pulled up to a red light behind a guy on a motorcycle. He looked in his rearview mirror and then slowly rolled backward so that he was next to me. Then he said, "You look good on that bike."


I wasn't sure how to react. On the one hand, I do look good on my bike, and he was perceptive to have noticed. On the other hand, I'm the director of a Women's and Gender Studies Program and a certified humorless feminist, and I didn't ask to have my looks scrutinized while I was on my way to work. (If he were one of my many fantasy boyfriends, I would have returned the compliment, of course, but this guy didn't look particularly good on his bike.) So I just kind of stared at him, quizzically.

What is it with me and my bike this week?

P.S. Here's a shout out to Christie McKaskle--if you're into tingly, deep spiritual musings, check out her blog.


Kevin O'Mara said...

How many feminists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


oh, humorless, you say?

christiemckaskle said...

The quizical look may be the best comeback ever invented. It gives one such an air of self-possession.

And, thanks, Alison! I been whooped at, but never received a shout-out before.

Alison said...

In answer to Kevin:

The punchline to that joke is, "That's not funny!"

Kevin O'Mara said...

Man, I totally looked that joke up after I started to make it and was amazed that the most common response was the most fitting in this situation.

Eliza McGraw said...

Girl, you DO look good on that bike.

Walter said...

yeah, i've got to agree with eliza. i spent a good 5 minutes staring at the picture of you an your bike, and it's true--you're pretty hot.