Lord have mercy, that's a tricky subject to tackle.  But I thought I should give it a try.  We are quite passionately committed to a number of ideological and political concepts.  Here are some for instances:

Mondays:  Kind of a classic Biffle post.  Lobby the man to start blogging more!
Sexual terrorism:  good to have a depressing post about our sexist world from time to time
Reasons why feminism is a good prerequisite for having a child with Down syndrome
Thoughts on standing by your man
Women's and Gender Studies:  the worst of the worst (the title is sarcastic)
The Electric Can Opener List:  a New Year's post by Biffle from 2007
Hairy-legged feminist:  this one says it's by Biffle, but it's actually by Alison.  It gets comments on a monthly basis, although it was written six years ago.