Students have found the blog!

It turns out that a number of my C of C Women's and Gender Studies students have been blog lurkers all semester. They outed themselves today. I asked if it makes it less fun now that I know they're reading, and here's some of what they had to say:

yes, it makes it less fun, but now we can all play the kelly piepmeier comment drinking game together.

I second the motion on the Kelly Piepmeier drinking game. Oh how I have waited for this day to come when we could be free to talk about how wonderful it is to live vicariously through Alison. Huzzah!

Charlie Shipley told us you had a blog and Margie and I read it constantly and laugh and pretend like we're in on your inside jokes. No, really, we don't have lives of our own, so we laugh at things like "sheeple" and the other silly things you and Walter Biffle say :)

Where can you see lions?
Only in Kenya.


Charlie Shipley said...

I love the fact that you have appropriated the language of coming out of the closet to describe our self-disclosure as blog lurkers. As if "blog lurker" is an identity of comparable weight to "homosexual." You just think about that. BWAHAHA.

Miss Meghann said...

I....I don't even know what Charlie Shipley is talking about, but LOOK! I'm commenting! WOW!

Miss Meghann said...

I need an update :(