Check me out!

Super famous.


Anonymous said...

Yea Alison

What a good, BIG picture. I have been showing my friends..ok ok.. complete strangers on the street, too.

The picture caption was really good, too. (Hmmm, I wonder why it didn't mention Cookeville or The Dad..)

Note the "I Heart Gridge" sticker...

Once again...Yea Alison

The Dad

Charlie said...

Yay for super famousness. Next thing you know, the goss blogs will photoshop pictures of you with enormous sunglasses and venti skinny lattes.

Alternative caption:
"Crouching Photographer, Hidden Room Dimensions"

Heather Bailey said...

this is super cool! and i love your t-shirt.

i was thinking of you yesterday when in the midst of finding ways to use a book gift card, i ran across WOMEN WHO MAKE THE WORLD WORSE. i checked out some reviews and most of the ones i came across were talking about how this would hopefully be the final death knell for evil feminism. on top of that i've run into more than one situation this week where a woman said, "i'm not a feminist or anything, but..." and then they proceed to describe a situation where they wished that they were treated with respect rather than disdain simply because they were women.

duh? i don't get it. i must have missed when feminism became the F-word. and everyone ran in terror from it. so, good for you. doing something positive in the name of feminism. you rock!

christiemckaskle said...

You are a light.


Eliza McGraw said...

You are the famousest. Also you look like some kind of human feminist Mount Rushmore with that imposing camera angle. I think this is going to be your carte de visite in the years to come.

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I really need to read your book. ... When I dropped out of my masters program in gender/cultural studies, I avoided reading anything related to the area for a long time, but I think I'm coming back around.

Greetings from Boston,
Mel Goldsipe

Anonymous said...

MURDERER. You invade our town and fill our children with thoughts that make them stick poisened needles in our unborn babies. You are wicked and vile. I will pray that God has mercy on your soul and that you someday will repent from your ways.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alison (your song reminds me of a very good song by the Pixies called, well, allison). I am an old friend of Charlie's (hope he sees me that way at least) and found your blog through him. I just wanted to take the opportunity to first laugh at the post made at 5:27 pm, because I hate bible thumpers, and secondly, to point out that a rep from Skirt Magazine actually tried to sell advertising to The Tobacco Merchant in Irmo SC. A cigar shop full of fat, old, white, REPUBLICANS. I know this because I was sitting in there when the exchange took place. Just though maybe you, or someone else who might read this, would appreciate the irony.


Heather Bailey said...

:). i just read back through my comment and realized that i really should have been more clear. i was outraged and rather sickened at WOMEN WHO MAKE THE WORLD WORSE and thought to myself, "who could give me a good perspective on this book and tell me what in the world is going on?" and that's when i thought of you. but since someone thinks that you're a murderer and advocate of poisoned needles for babies (was that supposed to be serious, or was that a joke?)...well, it sounds like you're on the front lines of people who are getting labelled as "women who make the world worse." keep up the fight!

Anonymous said...

You are all people of Sodom and Gomorrah if you cannot even realize the wickidness of your ways. SATAN IS LAUGHING WITH DELIGHT AT YOUR THOUGHTS. He will strike you as He struck the wicked people of New Orleans. REPENT WHILE THERE IS YET TIME!

Cate Bush said...

Hey baby. Loved seeing you in print again :). You Rock!


Alison said...

Mel, I'm glad you found the blog! Nice to meet you, Justin. Heather, I do seem to be one of those women who's making the world worse--but you know what they say, if you aren't pissing people off, you aren't doing any real work.

And hurray for all the recent comments from my dad--he's so computer literate these days.

Anonymous said...

I see the California branch of al-Qaeda has weighed in on the issue... apparently our "wickidness" is pretty apparent. And I know nothing makes me want to repent my ways than someone telling me I'm going to hell... but hey, different strokes, right?

Glad to see you're getting out there, Alison. We need good role models out there, and you're one. :)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Alison, we could start a club. In the town that I'm from the main church's youth group had weekly meetings about what a horrible person I was. It looks like they've found you too.

Jamie H.

Miss Meghann said...

Oh man. I wish my blog got this exciting.

Hey anonymous, come point fingers at me, too!

OH gooodness.