Well, it's a slow day in the blog world for me. It's a slow day in the real world, too. The reason is because heat has come to visit us. And before i hear the humid lips of a hundred Charlestonians smack apart to say "you don't know heat, sir," i want to preemptively say that "yes i do."

Just like everybody else, i like to make my claim to some kind of weather superlative--even when that superlative is a burden....well, particularly when it's a burden. Isn't that funny? I mean, i get a little insulted when someone here says that Tennessee is not as hot and humid as Charleston. How dare they say that? Matter of face, If i were sitting here now having the "heat conversation" that included me, a Charlestonian, and someone from New Orleans, we'd all be engaged in a game of one-up-man-ship.

"Well, I remember the time that it got to be so hot and humid that nobody even moved around. It was so hot that people just sat there--didn't eat or anything...."

"Well, i remember when it got so humid that folks were in danger of drowning just for breathing...

"Naw, that's nothin'! i remember one year it got so hot we all just melted into little pools of water. It was alright, though--too humid to evaporate. We all managed to re-constitute every evening when it cooled off a little bit..."

Anyway, i'll give in and say that i imagine Charleston, come July, is gonna be a little hotter and a little more humid than Nashville...although, well, Nashville was in that basin that kinda held the heat in...

...and it's not even hot yet. I've just yet to acclimate. But just to do a hundred and eighty degree turn, check out these snow pictures from Massachusetts:

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mary said...

ooo look at all that snow! I have never seen snow that deep.

how about "it was so hot and humid, the bugs couldn't fly."