We had an all-out bluegrass weekend this weekend. Biffle entered the banjo competition at RenoFest (a festival in honor of banjo legend Don Reno--not Reno, Nevada). He, Hazel Ketchum, and I drove to Hartsville, SC, a surprisingly adorable town, so that Biffle could compete, Hazel could accompany him, and both of them could jam with the rest of the pickers out in the parking lot of Hartsville's Center Theater.

Sadly, Biffle didn't win--or even make the finals--of RenoFest. I think it must have something to do with the style the judges were looking for, because I listened to all the competitors and thought that Biffle was one of the best. The folks who won had fairly traditional arrangements, though, and Biffle jazzed his up a bit.

It was a fun weekend anyway, and we rounded out our Saturday evening with a trip to Guy and Tina's Bluegrass Pickin' Parlor, which Biffle has blogged about here before, and where Biffle is always a hit.


Biffle said...

man, that sure is one big beard i've got there.

Sarah said...

This is what I'm saying.

Quiche said...

Looking very Soggy Bottom Boys or ZZ Top does bluegrass! Care for some gopher? What did you choose to play? You should have at least made finals. I still remember you playing Grandfather's Clock- loved the harmonics.

mary said...

that beard would fit in well up here in vermont.

Biffle said...

To Sarah: Well, that and "have you been to the dentist lately?"

quiche: I choose a Don Reno song called "Follow the Leader." Strangely, playing in the contest was very, very nerve racking and i played it kinda badly.

Mawee: Yeah, it worked in Mass as well. Up there i just looked like one of the lobsta guys. Down here in the tropics i'm discovering that the sand gnats (no-see-ums) are crawling up in it and i'm thinkin' it may be time to shave it off.

Sarah said...

For the last time, I'm SORRY. I can't help it if your beard smells like onions. I was concerned for your health.