Thoughts on a Sunday morning

Well, Biffle got up early this morning and laid the dog-poop newspaper trap for our Sunday paper thief, but alas, the thief didn't come by. The poop-filled paper still sits on our porch, unmolested. At least we got the real Sunday paper and got to hang out drinking coffee and reading it together. As Biffle mentioned, it's not a great paper, but it's usually entertaining. This morning's edition featured a glowing letter to the editor about the Bob Hope tribute a woman took her mother to see ("The ending of the show was magical. While the cast sang 'God Bless America,' one by one the audience stood and joined in singing. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.") and an article about the International Clown Ministry, which the Post & Courier apparently loves because they've featured them before.

We've also helped Maybelle with her morning workout, which we documented in a video.


Phoebe's Phriends said...

That video was adorable. She seemed pretty determined to do what she wanted to do, not what her dad had planned for her! She was patient with his attempts nonetheless! What a CUTIE!

Anonymous said...

so cute! (Maybelle, not the poop paper) What a roller--her muscle control seems impressive.

I love the shiny head. My girls were so bereft of hair for so long. Such a nice feeling, rubbing a baby head...almost as good as the smell.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you can catch the thief on video in case of further trouble, with the help of some motion-sensor freeware. If someone is morally confused enough to feel entitled to your paper, he or she may also feel entitled to revenge for a beturding, however well-deserved the beturding was in the first place.