Blinky Pie

I know that many of this blog's readers aren't in Charleston, but for those of you who are, please keep your eyes open for Inky. Biffle and I realized tonight that we haven't seen him since Sunday.

While I was pregnant, all three cats undertook a successful lobbying campaign to be indoor-outdoor cats, and in the time since then, Inky has taken up a position as the official Rutledge Avenue Sidewalk Ambassador. Every day he patrols our block, lounging in the middle of the sidewalk to be petted by pedestrians, attacking dogs as they walk by with their owners, and occasionally going on walks with Biffle, Maybelle, the dogs, and me. The other morning I was on the porch picking up the paper, and two kids I didn't know who were walking to elementary school said, "Where's Inky?" He's better known in this neighborhood than we are.

We think somebody has mistaken him for a pregnant homeless cat and has taken him home. We can't really let ourselves think about him actually being gone. He's about the weirdest cat we've ever met--relentlessly sprays the inside of the house, has a chronic respiratory condition that makes him sound like Darth Vader, compulsively licks people, and snuggles up with Biffle in bed, under the covers, all night long.

If you see Inky, please send him back home!


Trey said...

Come home, Inky!

Sarah said...

I'm horrified. I hope you see him soon. I assume you've checked the shelters, yes?

The Mom said...

Oh, Alison & Walter, I'm sorry. I hope he comes back soon. Hugo used to disappear for several days to a week at a time, and come home "none the worse for wear", as Grandma Hall would have said.

Jims said...

I hope he comes home soon! Every time I house sat for you there was at least one incident in which Inky escaped and went under the shed in the back yard. I was always terrified that I wouldn't be able to get him back.

aaron said...

Mom's right. Schtank used to leave for a loooong time, then he'd come back all tired and sleep on the couch for a few days.

Let us know when you find him.

mary said...

i seriously almost cried. since quizno died in the fire i can't imagine how i would feel if one more of our furry family disappeared. i just read walters entry and am so happy you found him!
it made me think of all of the times aaron & i have stayed over and how i would wake up at 2 in the morning to this rattley "snnnaarffkk eeehhhhh snnnneeeerlpffff" followed by a fantastic spraying sneeze in your face.
i heart inky.

Alison said...

Yeah, we forgot to mention the sneezing--how you'll find yourself with a long, viscous, brown cat booger hanging from some formerly clean part of your body. But Inky's a good enough boy that he'll usually make a valiant effort to clean it up.