Women's and Gender Studies video

The College of Charleston marketing folks are making little one-minute videos to highlight different parts of the school. Here's the one they just made for WGS:


The Mom said...

Wow - that's great, Alison! How on earth did you get to be able to think and speak so articulately, so quickly, so spontaneously (at least seeming - I'm know it's at least partly the result of saying many of these things over and over in different situations so that it seems to be spontaneous here.) I love watching you work!

Trey said...

That's awesome.

Was the person interviewing you eating a bag of chips or something?

Farnworth Robbins said...

I take it the microphone was under your hair?

But that's a great little video. Will it be on TV? Or is this video for the Internet Generation?

Alison said...

Yep, the microphone was under my hair, unfortunately. But other than the obnoxious crunching sound, it's a good video. And it'll only be on the internet.