Blog tour for Girl Zines

As you're all well aware, my book Girl Zines is available now.  Several fabulous bloggers have agreed to read the book and review it on their sites.  As of now, here's the schedule for the Girl Zines blog tour:

Nov. 24:  Barnard Zine Library Blog
Nov. 28:  Martin
Nov. 29:  Sassyfrass Circus
Dec. 1:  Viva La Feminista
Dec. 4:  Grassroots Feminism
Dec. 7:   CHANGE Happens:  The SAFER Blog
Dec. 20:  Doris Zine Blog
Dec. 21: Sashmo

Other blogs are going to review the book, too, including Afrogeek Mom and Dad, The Broads on Bull, and the Charleston Women's Collective blog.  I'll give a heads up when they do!

Thanks to all these bloggers for their interest in the book!


Anonymous said...

i have been reading your book, & i looked at the resources in the back & was really disappointed. you only mentioned four zine distros, three of which are mostly run by men & don't carry a large selection of girl zines being published now. & of those three, one of them (fall of autumn) doesn't even exist anymore. another one (microcosm) is run by a well-known abuser with misogyny issues.

there are a lot of great distros being run by women right now, which specialize in carrying feminist personal zines. these include:

learning to leave a paper trail zine distro (http://www.papertraildistro.com)
stranger danger distro (http://www.strangerdangerdistro.com)
click clack distro (http://clickclackdistro.com)
starfiend distro (http://www.starfiend.net)

cindy from "doris" just started riot grrrrrr distro at her site, http://www.dorisdorisdoris.com

marching stars & vampire sushi are two good british distros. black light diner is a mostly-comics distro run by a feminist lady.

it seems like a lot of people who pick up your book are going to want to check out zines that are being made now (including zines written by many of the folks you interviewed & studied). why send them to defunct distros & distros run by sexist abusers when there are other, far superior options?

Alison said...

Anonymous, thanks for your thoughtful comment. You're right that the resource section isn't the strongest part of the book. A partial reason for that is that it was put together over a year ago--academic books take a LONG time to go through the printing process. And I put it together fairly quickly. So thanks for pointing out some of the problems with it, and for making suggestions for other resources. The good news is, the press is putting together a website for the book that will have more up to date info, and I'll certainly put your distro links on that site.