Charleston taxis

I was going to send this as a message to Eliza, but then I thought the rest of you might enjoy learning some of this, too.

The last time Eliza was here, on my recommendation she rode back to the airport in Green Taxi, which charged her some ridiculously high rate--$40? $50?--to get from our house to the airport.  The car was shiny and new, as was the driver, and you can see what kind of a vibe they offer if you go to their website.

Yesterday, for the second time, I rode in an Express Cab.  Here's what you need to know about Express Cab:

  • The dispatcher you call to arrange the pick-up will very sweetly call you "Honey."
  • The taxi will be on time or early.
  • The taxi itself will be a car that is old and rickety enough that you may feel lucky even to make it to the airport.  There may or may not be air conditioning or heat, depending on the weather.
  • The first driver I had seemed to have his date in the front seat, riding along with him.
  • Yesterday's driver was probably 95 years old, a very friendly grandpa, who drove to the airport, on the interstate, at 30 miles an hour.  He also told me stories about what Charleston was like in the segregated days.  Actually very interesting.
  • The rate?  $20.
In the future, I believe I'll be recommending Express Cab.  It's a weird adventure, but you'll get to the airport, and it's cheap.


arastarred said...

This is very useful information. I've taken a taxi in Charleston...it may be the one you recommend...I can't remember. I do see those Green Taxis all over the place, good to know to avoid.

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