Go on the bike!

BikingMaybelle has been a person who's ridden a bike for a long time. This picture was taken in October 2009, when she was finally large and strong enough to be allowed to ride in a bike seat.  You'll notice that she looks a bit terrified--and, indeed, for a while that seemed to be her experience on the bike:  "What the hell do these people think they're doing?"

Go on the bikeToday Claire* took a long-overdue picture of Maybelle and me on the bike.  Maybelle is now significantly larger, stronger, and pushier, and she loves biking.  She will often demand, "Go bike!", and these days will occasionally go so far as to say "Go on the bike!"  The weather is consistently springlike in Charleston, so for the last month or so we've been biking a lot--every weekend we go on at least one or two extended biking expeditions.  Maybelle generally reports on the experience, noting when we go and stop, and sometimes pointing at joggers and saying, "Run run run!"  She's also working on learning to ring the bike bell (which she calls "ding ding!").

It does occur to me, comparing these two photos, that the older member of the biking duo seems to be really having a good time.

*Please follow this link and check out Claire's new blog.  Currently I seem to be the only reader.


Anonymous said...

How cute is that! Kayli has a trailer attached to her Dad's bike and she just adores that! Love those pics.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to leave a comment on Claire's blog re: post-apocalyptic novels and can't make it work. Can you not sign in if you don't have one of the listed accounts?

Plus, the bike riding is adorable.


Mel said...

Super-duper cute. But Alison please, oh please wear your helmet too! I know it's not good for the stylish image or the fabulous hair, but I also know that those Charleston drivers are NOT paying attention! (Really - I hate wearing a helmet too, but I never bike without it because I like my brain more than I hate my helmet.)

Lisa said...

I'm too uncoordinated (I prefer that term over "clumsy") to risk another human being's life on a bike. Hell, I don't even own a bike... but I'd love to. I know Sheridan would love it even more than me. Hmmmm... inspiration strikes!