Tomorrow morning I leave for a two-day visit to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, where I get to have the great fun of being part of the Feminism and Zines Symposium, put together by librarian Jude Vachon.  This is an all-day event on Saturday, where I'm getting to speak along with Jenna Freedman, who runs the Barnard Zine Library (and is a zine creator featured in Girl Zines), and Sara Marcus, who wrote the excellent Girls to the Front:  The True Story of the Riot Grrrl Revolution.*

Here's an article about us in the Pittsburgh City Paper.  If any of you readers are in Pittsburgh, I'd love to see you there!

*I will note that a number of people out in the world have enjoyed Girl Zines, but have expressed surprise and, perhaps, the tiniest bit of disappointment to discover that it's an academic book.  It is, in fact, an academic book.  Girls to the Front is beautifully researched but isn't an academic book, so it's a page-turner in ways that Girl Zines can't really be.

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Claire said...

And will you be going to the dance party? And if so did you pack your combat boots?

Have fun being a superstar!