LH mercy, she keeps blogging, doesn't she?

Here's another update from today.  Our "third wave" panel (with scare quotes around "third wave") went well.  Some great panelists with really interesting observations and arguments.  In particular it struck me that much of the conversation with the audience was about teaching, and I reflected that "third wave" is something that often comes up in my classes, but not necessarily in other professional or personal contexts for me.  Has it become a teaching tool more than anything else these days?

After a day of thoughtful conferencing, Astrid and I went out and ate delicious Nigerian food with some conference friends.  One of the friends--an editor at a university press--is also an organist, and she'd heard of Stefan Engels, our famous organist friend!  I always enjoy soaking up other people's fame. 

After dinner, Astrid and I had a brief fraught moment of feeling like we should go to the Sojourner Truth opera, but we decided instead to have ice cream with Keira Williams, soon to be the recognized national expert on Susan Smith.  We will soak up her fame when the time comes.


Claire said...

What a fancy ice cream parlour! I hope it had mix-ins. When will Keira's book be coming out -- so cool.

emboogie said...

I took Keira's Women's and Gender studies class. She was an awesome professor - enjoyed the class so much : )