Singer and Lucas

I've had two requests for more info about my brilliant Lucas/Singer point of connection.  Also, it's Sunday evening, and for various reasons I won't go into here, I'm not supposed to be doing any real work.  So this is a perfect moment for me to share, briefly, how George Lucas and Peter Singer connect.

George Lucas:  we all know who he is.  He continues to ruin the Star Wars movies.  For instance, in the BluRay release, when the Emperor is shooting lightning bolts at Luke, and Darth Vader picks the Emperor up and throws him into the pit, Darth Vader is screaming "Nooooo!" (It's as bad as you would think.)  Here's what one of Trey's Twitter contacts said:

'88 George Lucas calls 2011 Lucas a "barbarian." 2011 Lucas just laughs & stuffs money in its neck pouch.
Peter Singer is a super-famous philosopher at Princeton who has gotten famous from 1) being all over animal rights, and 2) saying that people with disabilities (particularly cognitive disabilities) are okay if you're in a family with one of them and you personally are all emotional, but our world would be better off without them.  He keeps saying point #2, despite people (often those with disabilities) repeatedly pointing out how wrong and offensive this argument is, and how skewed and inaccurate his evidence is.

Singer, like Lucas, gets that pissing people off just creates more money for its neck pouch.

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Anonymous said...

Your point of connection is not that brilliant. Please reread Peter Singer's argument.