It's 52 degrees in Minneapolis

Here's where you're supposed to go for this story:  Every little thing.


Heather Solos said...

I lived in WSP for almost 5 years and St. Paul is very different from Minneapolis. It's like the cities are sibling rivals and grew up just trying to spite each other with differences. The food differences crushed my soul while I was there, but my favorite restaurant ever is paradoxically on Grand Street in St. Paul, Mt Everest -it's Nepalese and Tibetan. Ever had yak? No. You can there and it's wonderful. Don't trust the locals when they say it's fine to go swimming. It's not until mid to late July. Enjoy your conference.

Heather Solos said...
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Erica said...

I recommend Minnehaha Waterfall and Hell's Kitchen for breakfast - I ordered a bloody mary there and it came with a "beer snack" - a teensy glass of beer. The sausage bread was good.