We had a pretty active Saturday, which I thought I'd blog about. I went to my first Charleston yoga class at Holy Cow--I hadn't done yoga in about five weeks, so I was drenched in sweat (which, honestly, is sort of a normative state of being in Charleston anyway). Then we took the Deez to this incredible dog park where she got to run around and swim in a big pond. Because she's been a landlocked dog her whole life, the ocean freaks her out a little, but this pond was just her speed--every time Walter stopped throwing her ball into the water for her to retrieve, she'd let out this ear-piercing bark until he threw it again. Walter and I actually did a little swimming in the pond, too.

Then last night Walter had a bluegrass gig at this restaurant called Sewee. Friday night when we were being urban and cruising around downtown on our bikes, we passed a club where a bluegrass band was playing. Walter went in and left them a note on the stage that said, "Nashville picker, wanting to play, give me a call." When we went back by later, they were taking a break, so he went in and talked to them. They asked if he was any good, he said, "Yeah!", and they invited him to come play. This sort of thing doesn't happen in Nashville. He had a great time, and since, as we all already knew, he is really good, he can get up to three gigs a week with them if he wants--so this is yet more incentive for him to spend lots of time in Charleston during his last year in grad school.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Alison & Walter! I love your blog! What a neat way to hear more details - and with pictures! - about your life in Charleston. For example, the details of the Deez time at the pond, and Walter's bluegrass gig-opportunity! Wow! You forgot to tell me that when we talked Saturday.

Trey took pictures of the house over the weekend, but hasn't got them posted on Flicker yet...coming soon! We got the cabinets today, and they've been busily installing them all day.

More later. Love, Mom

Trey Piepmeier said...

You guys should start using titles for your posts. Then you can have stories with headlines like "The Great Ham-Sneeze Incident".

Kenneth said...

He really is really good.

Kenneth said...

Were you on the five?