Blogging from Atlanta

I LOVE Hampton Inns. I'm lounging on a bed in a Hampton Inn near the airport in Atlanta after an afternoon business meeting for the Southeastern Women's Studies Association. I'm enjoying the complimentary wireless internet access, and tomorrow morning I'll enjoy the complimentary breakfast before heading back into hurricane-ridden Charleston.

According to Walter there's no hurricane in Charleston yet, but I've been getting well-meaning messages from colleagues in Charleston who want to know how I feel about experiencing my first hurricane, and one colleague on higher ground offered up her apartment in case Rutledge Ave floods, as it sometimes does. So I'll keep you posted.


Kevin O'Mara said...

Enjoy that hurricane for me! I didn't stick around for my last one.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how you were faring. I was just watching the news, and it looks like it's heading for you. Keep us informed! See you soon.

Love, Mom

Maig said...

I like you informative Hurricane animation link thingy. Pick all your stuff up off the floor and good luck! I'll be thinkin of ya.