My Unbelievably Exciting Life

My mom told me if Walter and I didn't start posting things on our blog that she'd stop reading it, so I thought I'd better write something. Walter's been gone for almost a week now, back in MA for his last year of grad school. I've had a week full of meetings, interviewing student workers, going for lunch and coffee with many different people, etc. We had our first Women's and Gender Studies faculty potluck on Thursday, and this Tuesday we have our first steering committee meeting, which I guess will be my first official meeting as director.

I've now tried yoga at three more studios--Gaea, Satsang, and Serenity Now (which, by the way, is what George Costanza's dad kept saying in that one episode of Seinfeld, so that made me laugh). I've also found a vet for Baxter, who apparently doesn't have some awful anxiety-induced skin infection, as I had feared, but just bad fleas. Oh, and I went with a colleague and her boyfriend this weekend to see The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and it was hysterical. So, as you can see, my life is very full.

In other news, the Charleston Post & Courier still hasn't published my brilliant letter to the editor, so while I'm waiting for them to do so, I'll post it here:

Dear Editor:

I’ve been here a month, and I love Charleston. I’m delighted to be in a city with a privately-owned newspaper (rather than one owned by Gannett), and I appreciate the variety of syndicated columnists, such as Leonard Pitts and David Brooks, in the Commentary section of the paper every day.

I’ve noticed, however, how few women columnists you include in your lineup (since it’s my job to notice these things). For instance, in the last ten days, you’ve published 31 columns by male authors, and only five by women. There’s no shortage of women columnists out there whose work would enhance the Post and Courier. For starters, you could bring Ellen Goodman, Molly Ivins, Maureen Dowd, Deborah Mathis, Barbara Ehrenreich, Sheryl McCarthy, or Cindy Rodriguez into your regular slate of opinion columnists.

Since women make up around 50 percent of the population, and probably 50 percent of your readership, it would make sense to include their opinions in Commentary more than 16 percent of the time.


Alison Piepmeier
Director, Women’s and Gender Studies Program
The College of Charleston


Anonymous said...

See...I read it! How did you like the other yoga classes? What did the vet say to do about the fleas? Good letter to the editor!

Love you,

Walter said...

hey baby, it just occurred to me that maybe you shoulda said "op-ed columnists." isn't a columnist just someone that writes in a newspaper? and gee whiz, you really do have an exciting life! i'm outta breath just reading it.

love you

Cate Bush said...

Love love love the letter to the editor :). I hope they publish you.

Good to talk with you this morning.

Love you,

A. said...

I like to read. it makes R smart.

You make books go fast. wow wow wow.



Walter said...


you r one funny boy.

Maig said...

Hey Alison,
I've been waiting for a post and Hooray! Good job busy busy busy person...I don't know how ya did.
I love you letter to the editor, too!
Ummmm, k have a good one!