Two quick things

1. Well, we've decided not to fix the Saturn. It's a DNR. Like an old person who's lived a long life, the Saturn's time has come. I called the mechanics this morning and told them that they could sell it for scrap. It's been a good and faithful car--it only cost $4200, and I put 130,000 miles on it. Baxter and Walter and I have taken many road trips in it, and I learned lots of things from it (how to add my own AC refrigerant, how to install a horn, the fact that you turn the heat on when a car's overheating, etc). I'm sorry to see it go. Deandra points out, though, that the Saturn never became part of me in the way that my Subaru did. Walter still makes fun of me for how nostalgic I get about that old Subaru.

2. Things leave the world, and things enter. Check out my dad's new blog, List of Constant Facts. You'll get a sense of why I am the way I am from this blog.


JanetLee said...

My deepest sympathies. I loved my Saturn, it was (is) a great little car. uhhh..wanna buy a pick up truck?

daniel said...

I feel your pain. I, too, once loved a Saturn -- loved its passionate egalitarian pragmatism, its American Volks identity, the whole revolution in manufaturing and marketing it seemed to represent.

But that, of course, was before I knew the POWER and LUXURY of the 1995 Crown Victoria. Muh-ha-ha.

Walter said...

you loved that subaru like girls love the bad boy--it was trouble from the very start.

Alison said...

Got the Subaru, got you--and in both cases things turned out quite well. I wouldn't recommend it to others, but being the good girl going after the bad boy has been a successful life pattern for me.

Alison said...

And Dan, I think that Crown Victoria comment is just scary.

Coco said...

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