you mean i gotta actually make a point?

I've had to take a few days break from the blog. And i'm gonna have to take perhaps one day more. Why? My attention has been elsewhere--meaning i have been writing an entirely new thesis paper.

Not to worry, though. MFA thesis papers are pretty undemanding things. I've heard a past grad at my school turned in a paper that contained nothing but a list of adjectives. Another wasn't really about the written content at all, but, in an effort to say something about the state of "the hand" in modern society, all copies were made using an old-school, non-electric typewriter. I've heard at RISD they're only expected to turn in a paragraph. (designers are evidently expected to produce objects, not think about them...)

Anyway, even in all this low-pressure liberality i 've gotten some heat from a committee member for not including any actual information in my thesis. Stories about drinking and singing ad-lib blues songs were not gettin' it for her. I only had two items in the bibliography. She cited a problem with "gratuitous profanity."

I understand where she's coming from. My thesis made the stuff i write on this blog look like a born-again Judith Butler. But i decided, instead of messing up fifty pages of good storytelling, to write an entirely new paper, replete with semi-colons and the correct use of "always already."

Anyway, that's where my attention has been. I'll be back at the plate tommorrow--same bat time, same bat channel--aimlessly swinging away.


Cate Bush said...

Good luck with the re-write Walter. You sound amazingly calm and centered about the whole thing.


The Mom said...

Go, Walter. I've no doubt you'll do a beautiful job...pleasing both to you and to the professor on your committee. We'll see you tomorrow!