Having fun in Charleston

Charleston is a great city for visitors. My mom, dad, Trey, and Megan are in town right now, and we're doing some of the classic Charleston things we always do with vistors.

  • We went to the beach, of course (Sullivan's Island this time rather than Folly, which was a nice change).
  • Had Cosmic Dogs at Jack's Cosmic Dogs--one of the world's great hot dog restaurants (and, by the way, if you Google it, this blog shows up as the fourth site--I should get free hot dogs for all this publicity).
  • Ate gelato (at Gelateria Modica, not Paolo's, which is imposter gelato as far as I'm concerned).
We haven't eaten at Hominy Grill yet, but we'll do that tomorrow--no visitor is allowed to leave Charleston without a trip down the road to Hominy Grill. We also haven't gone biking yet, but that might also happen tomorrow.

Trey got the high score on the Galaga machine at Jack's, but he couldn't figure out how to get his initials in the machine, so it says ".AA"--if you go to Jack's, please be aware that this oddly-named high scorer is my brother, the video game genius.


Maig said...

Yay Trey! You are the best! The Galaga people should crown you king.
I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of the score for proof!
Love you.

Alison (and Walter of course! but we have missed him today, since he's super important and talented and had been busy) is the best Charleston host ever.
I am having so much fun. Thanks!
And- thanks for getting us here, Kelly and Lee. :)

Cate Bush said...

I've never known any one who scored high enough to enter their initials into a video arcade game. That's awesome :).

Kenneth said...

What was the score?

The Dad said...

Yea Alison and Walter

We had a great time in Charleston. It was good to see both of you and even the Deez. Your house looked terrific.

We finally got the Cosmic Dogs. They were, of course, good. Especially the ones I had with mustard, cheese, chili, cole slaw, onions, peanut butter and, the inevitable, dog hair. (mmmm...dog hair)

The chicken dinner Walter and you actually cooked for us was super. It was a great meal even with Max and the Deez drooling on my shoes and acting like they have been very, very good.

Walking on the beach and through downtown Charleston was fun. Walking to the Hominy Grill was TOO HOT. I mean, 6 whole blocks. It was worth the effort though (mmm...good food). Having great seafood and watching the dolphins was also very cool.

So, all in all, except for the Cosmic Dogs, the walk on the beach, the walk through beautiful downtown Charleston, seeing the dolphins, eating great seafood, the Hominy Grill, having gelato and the beautiful scenery going over that new bridge, it was essentially just like Cookeville...

We want to come back, soon
The Dad

Alison said...

Mmmm...dog hair. We consider that a condiment at our house.

I was proud of you for walking all six blocks to Hominy Grill, dad. I wasn't sure you were going to make it, but you did! And you even eventually cooled off.

Kenneth said...

The reason I ask is that I'm frighteningly good at Galaga.

Alison said...


Although Trey is one of those people who learned hand-eye coordination by playing untold hours of Nintendo and therefore has a kind of instinctive skill at any video game, I don't think he's particularly good at Galaga. So I suspect that his high score was due to the fact that folks who are really good at Galaga just haven't found that particular machine. I can't remember what it was, though.