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Today was not such a great food day--it was an opportunistic food day. We had flavorless wraps purchased at the Staten Island Ferry station and sub-par, toilet-smelling Thai food at a restaurant right across the street from the theater where we went to see the hilarious play Altar Boyz. It was a really full day, though. In addition to seeing Altar Boyz (about a Catholic boy band whose members are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Juan. And Abraham.), we researched at the Barnard zine collection and had a great interview with Sarah Dyer, who helped create the genre of girl zines back in the day.

Bust update: we have a confirmed lunch meeting on Thursday!

Now I'm going to bed. Meghann, who is in her early 20's and therefore full of energy, has gone out into the city to have fun. Getting into bed with a book sounds like fun to me.

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Joan said...

"toilet smelling Thai" Aaack! What a description. Perfect. I can just smell it - and I love Thai food.