Hating Obama is not feminist

I have some pregnancy thoughts to share with you soon, but right now I want to weigh in on a political issue that's bothering me. Now that Obama has the Democratic nomination, there are apparently women--some of them feminists, the vast majority of them white (I feel quite certain)--saying that they'll vote for McCain rather than for Obama. In today's Washington Post, one Clinton supporter was quoted as saying, "I would die and slit my wrists before I would vote for Obama."

I would just like to put it out here, publicly, that people in the world are allowed to have whatever stupid opinions they'd like to have, but this particular opinion doesn't represent feminism.

I am a feminist, and I was a Hillary supporter. Biffle is a feminist, and he's been for Obama almost from the start. We'll both have an Obama sign in our yard soon (this will be my doing--Biffle's not big on signs) and will campaign enthusiastically for him. The media loves to find people willing to say outrageous things, but neither Koryne Horbel nor the anonymous (and not very articulate) Clinton supporter quoted above represents our feminism.


Syd said...

And I've heard some people say that if Hillary is placed on the ticket with Obama, they'll vote for McCain. I don't understand the dislike for Obama or Hillary. Don't people realize that McCain means more of the same Dubya generated stuff? I am hoping that Obama and whoever is his VP choice will win. It will be a depressing day if he doesn't win.

Clayton said...

The saddest thing to me is that most of these ignorant twits don't realize the gravity of this election. Justice Stevens cannot make it another 4 years. If McCain is in office when Stevens retires, he'll no doubt install a anti-choice, conservative judge and that means long, long-term bad shit. It's frustrating to go over to the blog you link to and read "let McCain win, and then everyone will see we need Hillary." eesh.

SJP said...

Maybe what she "means" is that she knows Obama is an empty shirt. He has no idea what he is doing, except for his speech making. Just another sweet talking politician, who promises anything his listeners are in favor of.
Use your heads people and vote for a person who has the ability to get this country on a better path. Don't vote on personality and empty words!!!
Leave out gender, race, and religion as qualifiers. Think about who is best qualified to do the best job for ALL of us.

nikki said...

I will vote for Obama but I'm in no way over what happened to HIllary and what it means for all women in this country. It killed my enthusiasm for the race, for the process, for the run up to November. I understand these women's anger and I don't think we should just dismiss it out of hand and call them ignorant twits. I loved reading today that Howard Dean belatedly realized how sexist the coverage of Hillary has been...duh, it sure makes me feel better that it took so long for the lightbulb to go on over the head of the Democratic party.