Children, children

shouting on the playground
sharpening their teeth at play
like a tiger, going for the take down
animal in every way...

So goes the third and last verse of the song Neighbors by the duet, Kill Henry Sugar. I gotta tell ya, i'm smitten. The two guys in Kill Henry Sugar are in the road band for Joan Baez, with whom they made a recent stop here in Charleston.

Here's the deal: Some friends of mine--John and Hazel--run a music school here in town called Hungry Monks. It's where i teach banjo lessons. Hungry Monks is not only set up as a music school, but also offers cool stuff like Rock Camp and Bluegrass Camp and stuff for kids and adults. They also have a stage there where, in the stodgy, less hip times of yore, "recitals" would have taken place. Well, here lately they've been getting these random calls from musicians traveling through town that want to play on this stage. Kill Henry Sugar was one of the bands that called and asked if they could play a show there.

Stupidly, i missed their performance, but John was nice enough to supply me with a cd of theirs and man, am i in love.

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