September 29, 2008

Today was Maybelle's due date. It's so weird to think that I was supposed to have been pregnant for the last five weeks--that today we were supposed to have had our home birth and met Maybelle for the first time. That for the last five weeks I would have been living my same old life. Don't get me wrong--there was nothing wrong with my same old life. I liked it a lot and hope that certain parts of it will remain intact in this new life I've entered. But things these days are so much richer. I'm really glad she's here.


Carol McCullough said...

Hey Alison,
I went through the same thing, too. Reed was born on July 19 but she wasn't due until September 8. That whole week I just thought about how surreal it was to think of her inside me that whole time. As hard as it has been, I'm glad I've gotten to know her that much longer.

I hope you are all well!

Cindy said...

Babies Rock!!!!

Conseula said...

babies are cool. it won't be long before you're wondering what you did with all the free time you had before maybelle