Things going on in the lives of the Biffles and Piepmeiers

Biffle is quizzing us on things on the globe. Who can name a country that borders on the Republic of Congo?

I'm being prodded to look up random things on the internet, like umbilical hernias and the SNL parody of the Presidential debate.

Trey and Megan are playing with Maybelle, putting socks on her hands, cuddling her, dancing with her. Megan is pulling Maybelle's diaper up, saying, "Look at you--you're sagging already."

Biffle's parents are making hamburgers.

Life is good.


Anonymous said...

Zaire borders the Republic of Congo. I think. I wouldn't know that, 'cept for a Jumpstart game.

Jennifer Barut said...

Dear Alison! I just have caught up with your blog, and want to congratulate you and Walter. Know that you and Maybelle are loved from this corner of Nashville, and that I think of you often. I am so glad to hear that life is good.
Lots of Love to you all.

Tawanda Bee said...

Quite a day here in Nashville as well... played the piano for the first time in quite a while; road bikes on the Greenway for the first time - it goes to Target! Laundry is caught up, weekend clutter is cleared away.. headed to an early movie with girlfriends.

PS Maybelle, Target has some great Halloween socks that would look fab on your feet OR hands!

The Mom said...

A request from the grandparents for updated photos of Maybelle! Love you guys! Mom