result of some recent conversations with a couple of musicians

Star vocal: starr vo-kul adj. The nearly intangible essence imbued in rare vocal performances. 2) The indefinable quality of a musician's vocal track that shifts the listener's perspective from merely listening to to one of actually being in the music. 3) The result of an almost random and Zen-like series of choices made by a performer, accompanying musicians or even recording engineer during, or possibly in preparation for, the recording of a vocal track that helps lift a particular performance above a quality of the merely perfunctory or even spectular, and instead sends it effortlessly aloft for the enjoyment of angels enjoying a lunch of crispy watercress sandwiches with mayonnaise and fresh bread. 4) A musical aesthetic that concerns particular human vocal performance viewed as "having that thang (slang.)," or, je-na-sais-quoi (Fr.).

Star Search Vocal: starr surch vo-kul adj. A vocal performance exhibiting the symptoms of "excellent singing;" i.e. excellent breath support, a grotesque display of vocal range, ample histrionics; yet strangely devoid of any actual emotion or "soul" (slang.). 2) An annoying, limited and peculiar style of vocal performance rarely heard outside of network television or performances of the United States of America national anthem.


Anonymous said...

I consider myself lucky to have performed star vocals a few times. Usually these times were for a live audience and in a natural acoustic or when I was so sick I could hardly talk. A reviewer once commented on my sexy sultry voice (brought to you by a fever and congestion). I can make a room vibrate and respond so much better than a mic. I hope someday to perform a "star vocal" into a mic singing my own songs with Walter Biffle playing banjo. Maybe it would be fun to do a Star Search vocal sometime too. I once got a review that said I sing "as if nothing in the world matters" of course that was from "Sing Out" - a folky magazine.

Anonymous said...

I thought the second type of star vocal, the american idol thing, had come from the african american tradition joined (peaking structures and the like) with the camp of musical theater?
By the way, I nominate Brad Folk of now retired Open Road for the first type of star vocal.

Quiche said...

Ha! I almost choked! Fresh baked fluffy (gotta be fluffy) bread, not that Wonder bread shtuff! Ha!

The folks of the "Star Search Vocal" caliber would probably think this was a complimentary definition! Not just the national anthem...Christmas music too...what the hell is that? those extra "flourishes" and "embelishment" dragged out to infinity! Drag a cheese grater across my face! Ha!