Zine fame

A very exciting thing happened today: I got mentioned in one of my very favorite zines, The East Village Inky. This is a zine I've given as a gift to friends who've had kids, and that I've subscribed to for several years. Ayun Halliday, the creator of the zine, was fascinating to interview, and she helped me with my research by hooking me up with some of her readers to interview, too. And now she's mentioned me in her 10 year anniversary zine! I'm very excited. (Cindy Crabb and Neely Bat Chesnut, don't let Ayun Halliday get all the praise! You, too, could mention me and get a blog shout-out of your own!)


Taylor said...

One step closer to being in a movie! Cornell West will soon have nothing on you!

Meghann said...

Do you remember our phone interview with her? I believe the kids were learning to knit? I'm not good at details, but I remember I was giddy all day.

Congratulations, AP!

Elissa said...

Oh my god! I can't believe that! I LOVE her! (Do you remember me---I worked in Women's Studies at Vanderbilt? I believe you used to live on Lischey and I moved to Lischey about when you left Nashville. I hope you are well!)