Big day for Girl Zines

In addition to Martin's review of Girl Zines, which I posted about this morning, I've gotten two more links today for reviews of the book. My former high school friend, now big-time journalist Tracy Moore, reviewed the book for the Nashville Scene, Nashville's alt-weekly. And the book has also been reviewed in Book Forum. So you Girl Zines fans have got a lot of reading ahead of you.

Also, if you're a fan of the book, please come over to the Facebook page that I created after my brother berated me for being uncool. I'm posting all the links to all the press about the book on that page.

And in other news, I went to a big state meeting today in which our proposal for a major in Women's and Gender Studies at the College of Charleston was approved! Enthusiastically! I'm thrilled beyond belief, not to mention relieved. It'll be in place by fall 2010, which was what we'd hoped. If you're looking for a place to major in Women's and Gender Studies, consider the College of Charleston.

And finally, Biffle, Maybelle, and I head to New York tomorrow morning for the first (and probably only) stop on my book tour: an event at Bluestockings on Saturday. I'll keep y'all posted.


mary said...

congratulations on...well all of it! that rocks that the major was approved. have a good trip to New York. Take pictures for us.

Trey said...

Congrats all around! That's awesome that you got the major!

You gotta fix that Facebook link, though:


You gotta keep that number on the end until you get 1000 fans or something like that. Soon!

Aaron said...

WOWIE! that's awesome! Just think, the next time you teach a class, it'll be to people majoring in the field! you're about to have a bunch of excited femi-nerd followers!

Jen H. said...

CanNOT wait to see you guys in NYC on Saturday! Let me know if you need anything while you're here!

Jims said...

Do I get my honorary WGS degree in the mail now? Please?

The Mom said...

Woohoo! That's great, Alison! As Mary said "...well all of it!" I'm so enjoying reading the reviews of Girl Zines. Have a great time in NYC.

grace said...

HOooray! Major time!