Girl Zines continues to be of interest to bloggers who used to make zines

Another thoughtful review of Girl Zines, this one by Ciara over at if you don't have anything nice to say, come sit here by me.  Ciara rightly points out, as she did in the comment section of this blog, that the distro list in the book is wildly insufficient and doesn't highlight nearly enough distros created by girls and women.  I'm going to try to get a more complete and girl-centric list up on the book's website (still in production at NYU Press) and the book's Facebook site (I ought to be able to do this myself, once final exams are graded).

You should read Ciara's review just for her explanation of her love of toads in her teen years.  Very funny.  Toads = "more precious than kittens & unicorns! more adorable than a kitten/unicorn hybrid!"

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the link & the comment on my post! i finished reading the book a couple of days ago & am going to write more about it soon. i wrote that first part of a review when i was only like a chapter & a half into the book.

as far as distro stuff goes, i definitely wish the resource section had been more fleshed out. i know there is serious lag with publishing books, & stuff changes in the zine scene so quickly, it can be hard to stay current. but i have been running my distro since 2003. i won't lie, i was a tiny bit surprised that it didn't make it into the resource section. judging from the orders i get, it's one of the best known distros for girl perzines being published today.

but i also understand that distros & distribution networks were not the focus of your book. & i think you did a great job with the stuff that was the focus. i am always nervous when academics look at zines because i feel like they always get at least a few big things completely wrong, but you brought a lot of respect to girl zinesters & had so many insightful things to say. i loved the feminist zine history you developed, linking girl zines with feminist self-publishing of previous generations, & the chapter on intersectionality was fabulous. i'm so pleased that the first book specifically examining girl zines was so dead on in so many important ways!