It's good to be reminded of what you believe

Believe it or not, I'm rereading Girl Zines because I'm being interviewed tonight, and I was afraid that--given how long it's been since I wrote it, and how much has happened of late--I might be rusty on the details.  I just hit the following sentence:

Indeed, that's one point I want to stress:  challenges to the realm of the symbolic matter, even if they don't immediately result in changed material conditions.

I'm having this lovely moment of feeling, Yes, that's exactly what I believe!  That belief is at the heart of some of my plans for writing about disability, and Maybelle.  Just thought I'd share the surprise of being reminded--by myself--of a core scholarly tenet of mine.


Kelly said...

I enjoyed your interview last night while working at the computer!

Kelly Rose said...

good interview! i liked how you talked about choosing the zines you used in the book and the process of this generation reinventing hello kitty! i'm also glad you are not above this kind of interview and really practice the values you 'preach' in terms of DIY, feminism and grassroots connections :)