Ylabal Ylabal PPHhhhtttTT!

This morning we ate breakfast at the Waffle House. Alison and i have discovered The Ween likes food better in restaurants. Could be because of the fat content, could be because she likes the social atmosphere, but it's probably most likely due to her happy association with home as Place-To-Eat-Jelly-On-Toast, and she doesn't want to change that. At the Waffle House, on the other hand, she tried some hash browns (scattered and smothered), sausage, waffle, egg and napkin. She liked them all. At home they'd all be on the floor.

Anyway, it was a loud, busy morning at the Waffle so we had a fairly long wait time. Maybelle amused herself by playing PPhhhhtttTT!, a game we all know in which you stick your tongue between your lips and blow. Alison and i sitting across from each other in the booth talking, The Ween beside us in a high chair playing PPHhhhhttt!, when i kind of became aware of Ween experimenting with a lot of new variations, i.e. she was going as long as her breath would hold out, she would make them short and loud, she would blow softly and then finish with a loud flourish. It was when she added the "Ylabal Ylabal" to be capped off with PPHhhhhttTT! that i got really impressed. Her comic timing might just have rivaled Trey Piepmeier's.

We sat lamenting that we didn't have the Flip video camera before we realized that we could shoot it with Alison's phone. By that time, however, Weenie Bean had moved on. With a little encouragement though she gave this less inspired, but still moving, encore performance.


Tawanda Bee said...

cannot see the video and I am really wanting to! any suggestions?

Biffle said...

well, it's a quicktime video. maybe you don't have quicktime? That's shame you can't see it. It's so cute there's a danger of retinal damage.