Halloween 2009 and 2010

Today we went pumpkin hunting, and this afternoon we'll carve up our pumpkin on the front porch. This is the second time we've done this event with Maybelle, and I'm very aware of how much she's changed in a year. For instance, here's how she looked last year with the pumpkin:
Pumpkin, 10-25-09
And here's how she looks this year:
Pumpkin hunting
I encourage you to see this picture as representing a thoughtful rather than a surly Maybelle--although, you know, surly is good, too.  She made her way independently around the pumpkin grounds, sitting, patting, climbing, and repeatedly tasting the pumpkin stems (not delicious, apparently, and yet something that should be tried again). 

We followed up on our pumpkin outing with a trip to her school's Fall Fun Fest, which involved Maybelle's very first experience in a jump castle--surprisingly successful, as she found it hilarious to bounce on her bottom as her older friends jumped around her.  At the Fun Fest, she also grabbed her Nonny's hand (my mom is visiting for the weekend) and pulled her to her feet, then dragged her happily around to her own classroom.

Okay, then, this is a post about nothing but the fact that kids get older, and isn't it amazing.  And yet--isn't it amazing?


Elizabeth B. Schlaeger said...

Wow. One, she is so cute! Two, it is amazing... Three, maybe she was just looking really hard for the best pumpkin that would attract The Great Pumpkin. Happy Halloween, Maybelle! :)

micahblaise said...

oh, wow, look at that grown-up person, standing so resolutely! she is bigger than a pumpkin, even! holy crap!

alison, this post has caused me to deeply question my priorities, ie, how is it that ANYTHING in my life is more important than hanging out with maybelle?! how did i miss so much change in just a few months? and, tangentially, when did i start to sound like a distant yet vaguely codependent relative?