Some positive things

My last two posts have been fairly grouchy, so I thought I'd end the evening with something a little more upbeat.  First, here's a picture from an article Trey sent me today:

Mmmm, so delicious.  Harrison Ford with the perfect sexy Han Solo vibe.  Sadly, he's just not sexy to me anymore, but he rocks in Empire Strikes Back.
Heading out into the world

And here's the other happy picture: Maybelle wandering off on her own, exploring her world at Brittlebank Park. Now that she can walk, she enjoys wide open spaces without cars or other impediments.  Fortunately for Biffle and me, she's not that fast yet, and she's actually very amenable to coming back when she's called.  It's great fun to let her set her own path and see where she wants to go.

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