I'm at the National Women's Studies Association Conference this weekend, so you'll be hearing some exciting travel news from me on this blog and also at She Writes (don't worry--I'll alert you with links to click when the time comes).

I arrived super, super late last night and am now pulling myself together in my lovely hotel room, getting ready for a day of acting like a professional feminist.  Here's the news:  I just looked out my window, and what do I see lightly covering the bare branches of the trees in the park across from my hotel?  Snow!  Yes, it's snowing in Denver.

For those of you who aren't aware of this fact, it's been around 60 degrees in Charleston recently, and I've been chilly enough to need to wear my down vest every day.  My body has fully adjusted to winters (perhaps I should write "winters") in Charleston.  And here I am in a place where it's snowing on November 11!

I was trying to decide if I was going to feel grouchy about this, but it actually seems like a fun climate adventure.  Plus, I don't really ever have to leave the conference hotel.


mary piepmeier said...

i am mostly sure that there is a rule dealing with snow and grouchiness.
i believe it's number 4 out of 10.
#4. the lucky individual who gets to witness the best of the elements (snow being listed as "the best" in rule #1) shall immediately frolic with joy and without grouchiness.

Aaron said...

HA! Mary and I were just complaining about it being too hot to stand in the sun (64 degrees). I seem to have lost all my heat tolerance.

How's Denver? I haven't been there (besides 1 night on the way to yellowstone) since the Up With People reunion.

Erica said...

Are you wearing your new clothes?

Alison said...

Thanks for the happy snow vibes--I'm definitely happy. And looking fabulous, thanks to the new clothes I'm wearing!