Alison Sez: A heads up

I wanted to let folks know that our conversation about "A Father's Search for a Drug for Down Syndrome" is just about finished.  If anybody else out there has been planning to share something, now is the time!  Soon we're moving on to whatever random topics strike our fancy.


Lisa said...

I am so sorry... between the NDSC conference, Sheridan's birthday, our very first family vacation, wrapping up a grant, Sheridan's first IEP next Thursday... excuses, excuses. I'm really sorry that I can't do this right now. Too much on my plate. I promise I'm not a flake :)

Alison said...

No problem, Lisa! I don't even begin to think you're a flake! You've obviously had a busy few weeks.

I hope the first family vacation was wonderful, and much success with the IEP!