Sweet Maybelle

1,095 days ago, Biffle composed this song for Maybelle.  This is probably the first song she ever heard. He's finally recorded a version of it which includes the additions we've made over the last three years.

And in case you're interested, here's what it sounded like very early on:

Let me explain in Maybelle's defense that this initially wasn't a song about how bad she smelled--it was a song about her mother's unfortunate body odor. I'd been through a sweaty labor, and then I got woken up early the next morning for various reasons, and things didn't really calm down long enough for me to take a shower, so I developed a pretty noticeable aroma. In the version of the song Biffle's singing in the video, he's singing as Maybelle, not to her.


The Mom said...

Nonni got tears! (I know - so what else in new??)

Crittle said...

That is some kind of sweet. Love!