NWSA 2011, day 2

Let me tell you about my day, in bullet points and photos:
Laughing with Rachel
* Have been going 100 mph since 5:30am

* Went to a fun morning panel with presentations by Liz Groeneveld (who is doing great research into zines by girls and women--and quoted me!) and Jessalyn Keller, who's writing a piece for an edited collection that I'm also going to be in.

* Got reconnected with Rachel Reinke.  She was amused at how many of my friends knew who she was when I said, "You know, I advised her bachelor's essay AND she was Maybelle's nanny the same year. She came to my house to do bachelor's essay advising after Maybelle went to bed." My friends said, "Oh! Right!"

* Took part in a fun roundtable presentation about blogging, with a bunch of my co-editors at Girl w/Pen.  My big insight:  I'm able to fit blogging into my already full life because it's really fun.  Not all that chewy an insight, but true!

* Had a lengthy conversation with my editor at NYU.  We decided that I'll plan to have the full book proposal, including a sample chapter, to her by the end of the summer.

The 1971 edition of Our Bodies, Ourselves* Had a conversation with my new BFF, Judy Norsigian, one of the original members of the Boston Women's Health Book Collective that did Our Bodies, Ourselves. She seemed a bit surprised when I told her how honored I was to get to talk with her.  She took my card!

* After all that, I went to my room and napped during big afternoon plenary.

* Hung out with the gang at Karlyn's book signing, which was fun.

* Met up with Amanda Richey, a friend from childhood who I now only ever see at NWSA.

* Recognized how extensively I've been talking about the fact that I'm in therapy (well, it's important to my life, plus it's nothing new).

* I'm skipping out of an evening panel session that I was going to go see so that I can have some down time before dinner. I believe that 18 of us are going to dinner together (!!).

And in case you're concerned that maybe feminists aren't as frightening as you've been led to believe, here's a sticker that a major academic press gave me for my nametag:

They were giving it to other people, too.  It was nothing personal.


Cate Bush said...

So glad to hear about your adventures ... especially the nap and the down time before dinner :).

Anonymous said...

I squealed a little at that sticker. I've been seeing the hashtag go by in my twitter feed and have been wondering how I can possible put myself in a position to be involved in this conference next year, because the amount of awesome in one place is inspiring.

Amber said...

Ahh - YAY! Prenatal testing is going to be a beautiful, brilliant book. By the way, I'm going to be in Charleston really, really soon! I can't wait to see you and catch up on all the awesome WGS stuff that I missed this semester :)

krlr said...

Thanks for the laugh! That sticker cracks me up. You ARE wearing it back home on the plane, right?

Anonymous said...

Love that sticker! Sounds like such a blast!

SarahP said...

wow. the mental image of showing up at my next patent litigation conference or Big Law Firm partner retreat with that sticker on my nametag is delicious.