Things I want to blog about:

  • s.e. smith's post about why she's not a feminist
  • George Estreich's book, The Shape of the Eye
  • Jen Baker's post over at Psychology Today about the Lucas-like Peter Singer
  • Gender identity and kids with cognitive disabilities (i.e. if my job is destabilizing gender norms, then why is it important that Maybelle learn them?)
  • The Op Ed Project and how cool it is

Things I want to own:
  • a pair of brown corduroy pants
  • a pair of dark blue jeans
  • running shoes
  • three more professional shirts (and if they don't need ironing, all the better)
  • black shoes that aren't scuffed all to hell

Things Maybelle says that are cute:
  • "So beepy" (so sleepy)
  • "No bee-tyou" (no thank you)
  • "I want yeah yeah yeah" (a request to play the last several tracks from Abbey Road)

And unrelated to all these lists, go have a look at the additional point Jamie Huff made on my post about "The sentimentalized narrative, or 'God Bless the USA.'"


    Kenneth Burns said...

    Polythene Pam!

    Alison said...

    Kenneth, can you please come and be Maybelle's Uncle Kenneth?

    Kenneth Burns said...

    I would love to! And to see all y'all.

    Alison said...

    You are officially invited! Come see us!