Cummins Falls

Check it out!  Biffle's first Wikipedia page!

What he didn't say on this page is that Cummins Falls is the place we went on one of our very early dates.  He was into rappelling back then, so he hooked up some ropes for us to rappel down the cliff beside the falls.  As I looked over the edge, I felt my stomach start to drop.

"How far is this?" I asked.

"About fifty feet," he said confidently.

So over the side he went, cruising down to the bottom.  Then it was my turn, and I nearly peed myself with fear.  It seemed really, really high.  He was so far down below me!  But I got off the edge and was able to make it to the bottom, with the only catastrophe being that I lost my Birkenstock along the way (who the hell wears Birkenstocks rappelling, anyway?).

When I got unhitched and was standing in the water with Biffle, he said, grinning, "You know, it was actually 150 feet."

And thus began my life with Biffle.


Biffle said...

For the sake of clarity and my pride, I'd like to say i wasn't "into repelling." I was "into" rock-climbing, but repelling seemed a good way to get Alison to go somewhere with me.

Aaron said...

That's cool. I remember her telling me that story years ago. And now we know (thanks to neuroscience) that it's "scary/exhilarating" experiences like this that may have made Biffle more attractive (you know...neuromolecularly speaking).

Alison said...

Lord have mercy, Aaron--don't give Biffle ideas like that!

Biffle, let me assure you that I enjoy calm, routine, predictable experiences with you. Those make you really, REALLY attractive to me neuromolecularly!

The Mom said...

Oh, thank you all for the belly laugh!!!!

Aaron said...

now, now, now, your brain and your consciousness don't have to be in agreement with each other :)