The only acceptable princess

Last night Biffle had to run to the store to get Maybelle some pull-ups (diapers pretending to be big girl underwear).  He came home with princess pull-ups, with Disney faces on the front.

"It's all they had!" he said immediately.  "There was almost nothing there!"

I was grouchy, needless to say.

This morning, as I was getting Maybelle dressed, she took a look at her new pull-ups and pointed at Bella.  "Princess Leia," she announced.

I was grouchy no more.  That's my girl.


Aaron said...

HA! This shows how much you LOOOVE Disney princesses... there's no Bella. It's Belle. :) #this is what a Disney princess looks like.

mary said...

bwahahaha aaron! i love it that you knew that bella was actually named belle.

Granddaughter said...

For the record, Belle (Beauty & the Beast) is by far the best of the Disney princesses. She loves books, is always inventing things with her father, refuses to Mary the brutish Gaston, and "wants much more than this provencial life." Wow, I am a nerd.

Meriah said...


I'd be thrilled if Moxie said, "Counselor Troi!"

krlr said...

I love that girl!

Anonymous said...

You might actually like princess Merida from the new movie Brave. She is a free spirited, tradition breaking kind of girl. Merida definitely does not want to marry a prince. Plus, she has the best hair ever. It's wild and untamed just like her.

Tawanda Bee said...

hahahaha! I too like Belle.
Bella is now part of the Cullen family! She's pretty cool too... pun intended.