Biffle-Piepmeiers at the NDSC Convention

I figured I'd use the blog space to make a general announcement that Maybelle, Biffle, and I are headed to DC soon for the National Down Syndrome Congress's Convention.  If you read this blog, or if I read your blog, I'd love for us to have the chance to at least say hello in person.

And in case you're not sure what we look like, here are our mugshots, chosen to give you a realistic sense of what to expect:

Maybelle, with glasses still on and her "so cute" hair.  As for Alison, this will actually be my expression when I see you.  And Biffle will probably have gotten himself into a potentially inappropriate situation, as documented here (he's on the roof in Chicago).


Elizabeth said...

This made me laugh aloud --

krlr said...


Heather Souder Choi said...


I live in D.C. and would love to see you if you have time. When will you be in town?

Martin said...

When do you come??