I'm drinking coffee again.  Caffeinated.  After months and months of being on decaf, I've made the shift back to caffeine.

And wow, is it exciting!

Caffeine, as you all know, is a drug--and if you've been off it for a long time, it really feels like a drug when you go back on it.  It's still new enough to my system that I'm feeling the effects pretty strongly.  I get quite energetic--happy and chatty.  For instance, this morning I asked Biffle how his gig last night was, then I immediately proceeded to tell him 117 random facts from my evening--things like,

"Maybelle ate two pancakes, three bowls of O's and milk, strawberry yogurt, and two bowls of hot cereal!"

And "Trey showed me the pilot of Breaking Bad--it was so disturbing but good enough that we should maybe start watching it!"

And "We went to the Pig and the produce manager said the nicest thing to Maybelle!"

Those exclamation points are intentional.

"Coffee," Biffle said.

I'm a little sad that this effect will wear off.  Before long my body will adjust to the caffeine, and having a cup of coffee in the morning will give me just the tiny jolt I'll expect to get my day started.


claire said...

I do love my morning coffee.

Megan said...

I have been caffeine free since 2002 and now a glass of OJ in the morning is enough sugar to give me the jitters.
PS- I cant believe you guys haven't been watching Breaking Bad! You should high-five Trey for showing you the light!

krlr said...

If there is a god, coffee is evidence thereof.

[See also: popcorn, fermented beverages, and chocolate].

Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else thinking of the squirrel scene from the movie 'Hoodwinked' ?

Blogless Reader