Thanksgiving post #1

This morning Uncle Trey, Maybelle, and I are heading to Tennessee to spend the holiday with Nonni, Poppi, Uncle Aaron, and Aunt Mary.  Biffle is staying here.  He needs a break, some true down time.  I might have been suspicious of this, but two weeks ago I was at the National Women's Studies Association Conference for five days--five days alone in a big, luxurious hotel room.  Alone.  It felt like an amazing retreat.  So I endorse Biffle having a retreat of his own.  Plus, holidays are often a weird combination of excitement and dread, connection and tension, happiness and serious depression (as was the case for me last Christmas). If Biffle wants to sit this one out, right on.


Anonymous said...

Alone. What a remarkable concept. There is too much emphasis on making the most of every second, and too little recognition of the need to recharge and de-stress. Enjoy your holiday from the holiday.
Blogless Reader

Anonymous said...

Tasha and I trade off alone time, too.She's taking Hugh on a family trip to California in January that I'm not attending. I'm taking Hugh to Florida next weekend while she stays home. That alone time is crucial! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Biffle said...

I looked at my google calender (which only goes back to June of 2010), but other than (some confusing time lines during) Thanksgiving and Christmas and two trips to Duke, I haven't spent the night out of this house (and none of it leisure time or alone) in all that time.

I love my family and stuff but that's a little too intense!

The Mom said...

We miss you, Walter, but I also respect your request for down time. I hope you're enjoying it exactly as you had hoped.