Mary Poppins at the CisternWe had an excellent Halloween this year. Maybelle still didn't accept any candy while trick or treating, which was a bummer for her chocolate-loving parents, but she enthusiastically enjoyed just about every aspect of the holiday.

She was Mary Poppins this year.  It's a movie she adores (in fact, she's watching it right now, as I type this blog post), and one of the benefits is that it's a good enough movie that it's only now becoming horribly irritating to Biffle and me.

Biffle found all the different parts of her costume at thrift stores around town, and altered them in various ways so that they worked to create a really solid Mary Poppins look.  You can't see it in the picture here, but he went so far as to do some elaborate painting on the handle of her umbrella so that it looked like Mary Poppins' parrot handle.  Maybelle loved, loved, loved her costume (in fact, she's wearing the Mary Poppins hat right now, as she watches the movie).

Her school did a parade on campus as they do every Halloween.  It's such a neat tradition--folks come out of their offices and wave at the kids as they walk down the street from their school to the center of campus.  Then at the center of campus--the Cistern--the kids run around, leap into the air as if they're Mary Poppins, and get pictures taken.

Family photo
Here we are, getting our picture taken together.

Batman and Mary Poppins
And here are Maybelle and Megan, who's dressed as Batman. BatMAN, not Batgirl or Batwoman. She felt that she should be allowed to be the main hero regardless of gender, and of course I support her in that.

Larry, Claire, and Treydinal
Trey was dressed as a terrifying cardinal. When we gathered with friends in our neighborhood for the Halloween party we've attended since Maybelle was two months old, Trey and I were both in truly disturbing rubber heads he bought for us. I was a squirrel. Claire and Larry didn't know that Trey (or Treydinal) was behind them in this picture. I think they were both quite creeped out when they saw it.
Taking off Uncle Trey's cardinal head
Maybelle wasn't all that creeped out. She learned quite quickly that the cardinal was Uncle Trey and the squirrel was Mama.  Here she's taking the cardinal head off to reveal Trey.  For what it's worth, she's now sitting beside me, watching me type, and she looked at this picture and said, "Uncle Trey."

It was a Happy Halloween!


krlr said...

I feel there's a baseball metaphor in Trey's costume, something about the de-headed Cardinals, but I'm over it (& didn't actually watch the games anyway so wouldn't win the #1 fan award anyway...)

Happy Halloween!

Rairy said...

!!!!!!!!! Squee!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful costume

Jay Crockett said...

I'm fascinated by that running tricker treater, she photobombed Trey's photobomb.

Alison said...

Well, Jay, the neighborhood was packed with kids in costume, so I think she just happened to be in the background. She wasn't trying to be creepy.