Hot tap water

I like to drink a cup of hot tap water.  It's one of my favorite winter beverages.  Amber has suggested that this makes me a bit like someone's grandma.  In fact, it's a beverage that even Maybelle's Nonni rejects.  But I truly enjoy it. 

I'm drinking a cup of it right now.

It's like exactly the temperature of my body, so I can stay hydrated without getting chilly.  It doesn't hurt my teeth.  It has no flavor, no caffeine, no effect on my breath.  It requires no effort to have a cup, and then another cup.

I'm not sure that I'm the marketing genius who's going to make this drink take off, but I'm surprised other people don't enjoy it as much as I do.


Elizabeth said...

I think it's the drink of 2013, and you're setting the trend.

Alison said...

Hot water: it's fat free! No calories! Zero Weight Watcher points! Full of whatever minerals it's picked up from the pipes into the house!

Suzanne Dinwiddie said...

Your great grandmother Callie Massa, your grandmother Mildred Piepmeier, and your aunt, Suzanne Dinwiddie ALL drink hot water. You come from a long line of hot water drinkers!

Alison said...

Oooo, a family heritage of drinking hot water! Hurray!

Eliza McGraw said...

This is pretty much your cooking philsophy:

It requires no effort to have a cup, and then another cup.

Alison said...

Eliza, that's so true! Perhaps this is one reason cold cereal has always been a favorite food of mine.