List of food (i.e. not a very political post)

I haven't blogged for a while, so I thought I'd log back in.  We're having a fairly leisurely morning because Maybelle has an ophthalmologist appointment at 10.  So as she sits here listening to the Oklahoma soundtrack (currently on her favorite dance number, "The Farmer and the Cowman") and eating her breakfast, I thought I'd share the list I made of foods Maybelle will eat.

She's a picky eater.  Picky might be a euphemism.  She might be far worse than picky.  BUT she is growing quite well, is healthy, sleeps well, has loads of energy, etc, so her pediatrician says don't worry about it--whatever she's eating, it's doing its job.

So here's what she'll eat, sort of in order of preference (although that's subject to change):

1.  yogurt (Chobani Greek is her favorite)
2.  O's and milk
3.  ice cream (vanilla)
4.  waffles
5.  French toast
6.  scrambled eggs
7.  toast with jam
8.  pancakes
9.  applesauce
10.  oatmeal (known around here as hot cereal)
11.  cinnamon rolls (only the ones from Wildflour, and they only make them on Sundays)
12.  bananas
13.  sweet potatoes
14.  granola

This morning she and I split three scrambled eggs and three pieces of toast, and then she ate a container and a half of peach yogurt.

That's it from here.  No outrage to share just yet.


Anonymous said...

I'm comforted by parents that have picky eaters. O has a list of about 15 foods that he will eat (but only sometimes! And that food he loved yesterday may very well be off the list today): hot dogs, turkey or ham slices, dried fruit, fresh fruit, cheese, rice milk, water, apple juice, crackers, pasta, and cheetos. Is that even 15 foods? I can't remember the last time he had a vegetable...

Kids grow up mostly okay without eating vegetables, right?

Alison said...

They must! According to my family mythology, the only vegetable my brother Trey ate until he was in his 20s was ketchup. And he's fine (you know, in that Piepmeier way of "fine"--healthy but sort of weird).

Erica said...

My friend's little sister just posted about this on her blog. She bought a book called The Sneaky Chef. Maybe you can sneak other stuff into Maybelle's diet if you get stressed. You can read her post here: http://thesquillantes.blogspot.com/2013/01/sneaky-chef.html

Elizabeth said...

Well, that looks fairly well-balanced to me! My youngest son existed on air -- in fact, he still does. Picky eating can kill you if you let it -- kill the mama, that is. The kid always, always thrives.

claire said...

I agree with Elizabeth -- kids thrive, Maybelle is clearly thriving and introducing new foods is entirely up to what is interesting to you. One of my nieces went through a period of eating only: lox, olives and capers.

The Mom said...

No, Trey's one vegetable was corn, (and sometimes sweet potatoes) so we had corn at almost every dinner/supper! Of course, if we had French fries, he'd eat ketchup. (Trey, don't you love being discussed??) :-)

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