Thermonuclear Winter

A number of you have been concerned about the flea situation around here.  I appreciate the emails I've gotten--from colleagues, students, students' parents--loads of wonderful folks expressing empathy, concern, and "been there, done that" sentiments.  Thank you!

Things haven't been horribly dire here--it's not one of those situations where you look down at your legs and see black specks all over your white socks.  But it's been grim enough that I'm happy--delighted!  overjoyed!--to report that Terminix comes tomorrow to bring what my dad calls Thermonuclear Winter.  They will eradicate all living things.  All the living things that we care for will be out of the house all day.

And a special thanks to all of you who've been concerned about this extreme toxin approach and have kept those thoughts to yourself.

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